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Hypovereinsbank in Hamburg

After expansion of the HypoVereinsbank location at Am Neuen Wall in Hamburg to include the companys’ own conference centre, the main entrance of the building with foyer and reception area was redesigned. Here, the lighting planners from Peter Andres – Beratende Ingenieure für Lichtplanung opted very consciously for transparency: This grants views of the outside from within the building via a room-high, attention-grabbing light wall.

With its changing three-dimensional light images, the large media screen behind the reception desk provides the desired exterior effect and becomes part of the staged movement in the back-office area.

The light wall consists of frame elements, which are covered with ETTLIN LUX® Miracle. As light sources, flat LED RGB light inserts are used. Depending on the desired effect and time of the day, different static or dynamic scenes can be called up.