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Application and processing

FASCINATION // The ETTLIN LUX® Magic fabric is an effect fabric with structure, which can be draped totally freely. Its internal tension creates harmonic shapes with light running through tehm. Due to its high flexibility, the ETTLIN LUX® Magic fabric is suited particularly for decoration purposes. Entire light spaces can be decorated perfectly as well.

ATTENTION // The ETTLIN LUX® Magic fabric can also be used to realise large-scale light installation on walls, ceilings and facades as well as emphasise effects during events and entertainment (theatre, shows, etc.). The fabric is flame-retardant (certified according to DIN 4102 B1) and also insensitive to moisture and UV radiation. Therefore, the ETTLIN LUX® Magic fabric can used widely in indoor and outdoor locations. Once you have got your ETTLIN LUX® Magic fabric, you can realise decoration ideas quickly and easily and create new effective light experience every time.