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We are working on tomorrow's innovation today.

Our product range ETTLIN tec stands for high-tech materials, which are functionalised with conductive textile structures and the integration of microelectronics. In this way, not only electric functions such as heating can be realised with these textiles but also sensor function, energy and data transport and particular measurement tasks are possible.

In a unique way, ETTLIN tec combines the special characteristics of textile structures with the functional possibilities of electronics, for example

  • as sensor fabric for force and strain measurements in buildings ("structural health monitoring") as alarm fabric to detect burglaries (building and object protection)
  • as textile strain gauge to detect loads (prosthetics)
  • as flexible LED curtain or video screen (event technology)
  • as textile bus system

ETTLIN tec stand for our research on textiles with integrated electronic functions. Please ask us about it.